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Ireland has truly become a second home for me. I learned more about myself in the 2 years I spent here than anywhere else. The relationships I've made there are some I will always keep and the experiences I've had are some I will never forget.

For those thinking of eloping, check out Ireland as a epic destination. The people here are so welcoming and you will have the most amazing experience.

The white mountains, nh

For the half of the year I am in New England, the white mountains have become escape. Being in the mountains helps me connect better with my mind and with myself. It is where I feel the most at peace.

This is a photo of my little sister and I from a camping trip. We spent 2 days in the white mountains exploring water holes + different hiking trails. We also managed to burn a lot of hotdogs + definitely did not pack enough food. But it was one of my favorite adventures in the mountains so far.

Montana, USA

I visited Montana this past year and let me tell you, it is incredible. I grew up in a city and I never connected with it. The second I stepped out of the airport in Montana it was the biggest breathe of fresh air. There is so much beauty there to see.

The mountains in Montana are like I'd never seen before. I spent the weekend with a close friend of mine, driving down icy roads and fully embracing the nature around us. I cannot wait to go back.